What are Chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. It is used in reference to the energy vortices of the body’s subtle energy system. There are 7 main chakras, glorious spinning wheels of energy that resonate with the spectacular colours of the rainbow. See here for more information.

Why dancing?

Dancing is great exercise and free-form dancing like Chakra Dancing means you can let go even more! You’re not trying to follow or learn steps from others – or having to rely on a partner to guide you. It’s such a release to dance however you want to and however your body needs to.

What sort of music do we dance to?

We always start at the Root with deep, earthy, bass sounds and drumming which grounds us into the dance. We then move up through sensual, flowing music at the Sacral; powerful, high energy beats at the Solar Plexus and onwards to lighter, angelic tones in the higher chakras. Please see the ### page for more details.

How long do we dance for?

The dancing sessions last for around an hour, including both the opening and closing sacred circles. We will dance to high energy music for around 20 minutes and then start to slow down and unwind.

Can I come along by myself or do I need a partner?

In the main we dance by ourselves during the sessions so don’t feel shy about coming along without a friend or partner. I am passionate about creating a fully-inclusive, welcoming space where you feel at ease to just be you.
You can be confident that you will be amongst like-minded people all just there to have a good time.

Will I be made to partner up or hold hands with someone else in the class?

You will not be a made to do anything during the class that you feel awkward or uncomfortable about. We mainly dance by ourselves so you will not have to partner up with anyone or have physical contact. If the group know each other and are happy and comfortable to do so then there are some great partnering moves we can do, and the effect of the shared energy is amazing!

I have limited mobility, can I still attend?

Definitely! Everyone can benefit from the collective energy in the sessions. Chakra Dancing can be done sitting in a chair if you have trouble with knees/hips. Always only do whatever you can manage and work within your limits. Chairs will be available for people to sit and rest if they need to and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated. Most importantly always check with your doctor if you are unsure and get their approval before commencing any new exercise.

I can’t dance! Can I still come along?

Absolutely! With Chakra Dancing there is no right or wrong way, just your way so you can move however you want to. This is your opportunity to let go and dance how you want to; no judgements; no criticism.

I’m really self-conscious, will everyone be looking at me?

Not at all. Everyone is dancing for themselves not for me, or others, or how they think others want them to. I invite us to either have a soft gaze or close our eyes when appropriate in the dancing so no-one will be watching you. Chakra Dancing is great if you feel a bit self-conscious on the dance floor as there’s no right or wrong way to dance; it’s your dance, your way, for you!

Do I have to be 'spiritual' to come along?

Although there is a spiritual aspect to chakras, the dancing and creative meditation are about you getting in touch and more in tune with your body and your energy – and about having fun! You might not think of yourself as being spiritual but if you are open-minded and willing to have a go and enjoy yourself then that’s what counts!

I’m not feeling very positive at the moment, can I still join in?

Most definitely. Everyone is welcome. We all bring different energy to a session and each time we come we will be different, have different things going on in our lives and be feeling different emotions. You will not be asked to share anything personal with the group, but if you feel you want to at the end of the session then that is okay too. The dancing will help shift your energy and give you whatever you need at that time.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing you are happy dancing in. Dancing is in trainers or bare feet. I’m afraid I can’t let you wear socks during the dancing so if you are uncomfortable with bare feet please wear trainers.

What should I bring with me?

You will need a water bottle as we should drink frequently during the dancing to maintain hydration. Feel free to bring a photo or keepsake of a loved one that needs healing as during the Heart chakra we can send the collective healing love energy to them.

What happens in a class?

Please see this page of the website for details.

How much does it cost for a class?

Please see the specific event for pricing.